I grew up in an artistic household. My mother was a set designer and High school Art teacher her entire life. I have pursued the artistic lifestyle myself from a young age. I have apprenticed with a master carpenter, an interior designer and plaster specialist, worked in an automotive body shop to learn high-end finishing techniques, helped renovate my father’s 120 year old Victorian home(with its endless crown molding), studied commercial interior design at the Art Institute Austin, studied graphic design and print at Texas State Technical College Waco, supplemented my ‘day’ jobs for a decade with countless commission art-pieces, as a recording artist and working musician(drummer) and jewelry designer. My influence has always been a clash of modernism and constructivism with a foot never afraid to step in the past. I have built and re-upholstered furniture, painted murals for businesses, restored antiques, created artistic installations, transformed spaces. My inspiration comes from the obvious, I would say, such as the Bauhaus, Dadaism, Memphis style, pop, mid-century modernism, industrial design, ancient Egyptian, Kandinsky, Lichenstein, Kubrick, Ridley Scott, street art, crackling sidewalks, crumbling billboards, decrepit buildings and urban decay. I apply my vision of style in a way that suggest something grand but maybe stops short of pretense, in a sense, dystopian…There is a humanistic element contrasted by the pursuit of perfection that I find drives my work. My favorite movie is Blade Runner. If I could live anywhere, it would be in Frank Lloyd Wright’s ‘Ennis House’ in the hills of Los Angeles. Below is just a sample of my work over the years…..

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